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Is a wonder brand and a product of cutting edge research and innovative pricing strategy. It is boiling water resistant and made from selective matured wood and bonded with strong resin. It is suitable for large commercial projects and is also suitable for budget minded customers.
Conforms to BWR and MR grade as per IS: 1659.

With 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • Cutting Costs. Not Quality

    They say - there is a price you have to pay for anything that costs less. The price is short life span and related problems. In an age where economic downturn, recession and cutting costs are more than mere catch words, our endeavour has been to find out ways and means to ensure our consumers do not compromise on quality even forced to manage costs.

  • Making the impossible possible

    DURO is wonder brand. Pay less. You Get More. We at DURO have managed that. The Duromac range of plywood and Blockboards - second to none. A product of cutting edge research and innovative pricing strategy, Duromac is a wonder brand. All weather-proof and boilling water resistant, made from selective matured wood and bonded with super strong resin. Add to it treatment of a secret mix of preservatives and chemicals, thereby creating a powerful barrier that fights against termites, borers and other wood destroying organism.

  • Remarkable Performance

    Duromac, owing to its intensive quality control and unique manufacturing process, ensures remarkable performance in terms of strength, homogeneity, smoothness and dimensional stability. Duromac adheres to IS:1659 for MR and BWR grade and boats of a vast application range be it in the kitchens, bathrooms, partitions and as panel inserts, or whatever you may like to use it.

Technical Specifications

Conforming to IS : 1659

Prescribed Test Values for Conformity Observed Value
Moisture Content (%) 10 - 15 10 - 12
Modulus of Elasticity 5000 5099
Modulus of Rupture 30
(Parallel to face grain) (N/mm2)
50 51.7
Water Absorption (%) <5 <5
Screw Holding Strength(Kgs) 80 97
Nail Holding Strength(Kgs) 50 54
Squareness Test (%) <0.2 <0.1
Edge Straightness Test (%) <0.2 <0.1
Water Resistance Test No delamination after
72 hours of boiling