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Duroply Industries Limited production facility is a technologically sophisticated set-up with advanced equipment, processes and support services for production of the entire spectrum of plywoods.

Raw materials are sourced indigenously as well as from overseas. Quality Assurance methods at every stage of manufacturing ensure the highest standards from start to finish. Research and Development remains at the core of Duroply Industries Limited success story and the continuous and steady breakthroughs in product development up gradations, innovations and new product developments - bear testimony to this.

The first manufacturing facility was established in Jeypore, Assam the home of plywood manufacturing. The DURO range of quality plywood products was rolled out from this factory. An obsessive focus on Quality was a hand-me-down from Sri Chitlangia himself and it became integral to the entire business.


Sarda Tea is a Division of Duroply Industries Limited and is one of the largest tea production houses in the country today.

4 Million Kgs production capacity
of tea annually.
20+ Years in Tea business

The Company made its debut in the Tea business in 1998 and the focus from the beginning was on producing premium quality Black Tea, the most popular among the four main varieties of tea. Sarda Tea's emphasis on quality products and innovative marketing strategies earned it widespread recognition. PURMA, DURO, CHITPERI and BAGHMORA are a few popular brands of Sarda Tea. The Company has a capacity to produce 4 million kgs of tea annually.

Sarda Tea's reputation as one of the Leading Tea Producing Houses in India stem from creation of superior customer value and experience. Over the years, we have created a very loyal and satisfied customer base.

The Company has its Tea Processing plant close to the gardens in Upper Assam at Jeypore. The facility produces high quality Pure Assam CTC Tea after processing the best leaves from co-operative growers in the Tinsukhia belt.