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Duro Veneer


Lending complete ease of work Flex is an extremely flexible veneered product, which makes even impossible applications possible. The veneer layer is pressed onto a special paper based baking, in order to achieve this. Flex can be bent, shaped or curved to your desired radius of up to 25mm, giving the designers more choices and the fabricators ease of work. Available in all our species. True to its name, Flex allows a new dimension to your creativity. Its ready adaptability to bending, shaping and curving these veneers in any which way you wish, makes impossible possible. Having a bend radius of up to 25mm, this truly is a rare combination of beauty, utility, and longevity that can be molded and bent into any desired shape. Our special technology ensures application of these veneers on highly curved surfaces without chipping, peeling or cracking thus giving the designers more choices and the fabricators tremendous ease of work. MOST OF THE SPECIES* AVAILABLE IN FLEX VERSION, ON FLEECE THICKNESS 0.6mm AS WELL AS HARDWOOD VENEER CORE THICKNESS 1.5mm, AT SAME PRICE AS ON 4 mm PLYWOOD. ONLY ON ORDER.